Classes Requiring Placement or Prerequisites

Classes Requiring Math or English Placement: If you are interested in a class that requires an English or math placement, you will need to follow additional steps to be eligible to register.

How do I know what the prerequisite is for a class? From the Schedule of Classes you can click on the CRN number of the course that you are interested in and a window will open with the course description. The "PREREQ" information relates to prerequisites. See this sample for more information

Classes at your High School Math, English, and Economics Classes: Students will be placed into math, English, or economics classes by their high school counselors. High school counselors will verify the student's eligibility for these classes and submit the validating data on an internal Google spreadsheet.  Please note that SBCC support classes are not offered at the high school. 

Classes at SBCC Requiring Math or English Placement: High school counselors will verify the student's eligibility and submit the validating data via the Google forms below. Please note that dual enrollment students are not eligible to enroll in college courses numbered below 100. Students can also place into English and math courses using AP, SAT, or EAP test scores. For more information, scroll down for instructions on how to challenge a prerequisite.

To Challenge a Prerequisite

Instructions for Submitting a Prerequisite Clearance Form: Before you get started gather all your petition materials. Incomplete forms or forms missing support documents will not be processed, please review your submission and ensure all steps are completed. This will help avoid any delays.  Need help to submitting the form? Click here for instructions  

Before you get Started: 

  • When submitting your Form, you must be logged into your Pipeline email to access this form. If that doesn't work, log out of your Pipeline email and log into a personal Google account and try again
  • Requests are generally processed within ten (10) business days of receipt of your completed form and all required documentation.
  • Notifications and decisions are emailed to students at their SBCC Pipeline account.

1) Gather all your Required Documents:

Option 1: Equivalent or Substitute coursework 

  1. Submit Official Transcripts to
    • Acceptable coursework includes completed courses with a grade of C-, Pass or Credit where Pass/Credit = C- or above.
    • Incoming Transcripts
    • Verify your transcripts have been added to your file.
    • You may temporarily submit unofficial transcripts 
    • Advanced Placement does not count towards subsituite coursework, AP exam scores are required. See Option 3.  

Option 2: Work Experience or Fluency in a Language

  1. A written statement with reasoning supporting the basis for your pre/co-requisite request.
  2. A letter of support from your high school counselor.
    • Tip: for language courses we recommend including a writing sample

Option 3: Qualifiying AP Exam Scores

  1. Download a PDF copy of your "Student Score Report" from College Board and attach to form
    • Screenshots of your AP score landing page will NOT be accepted. You must download the Score Report
    • Acceptable test scores include AP exam scores of 3 or higher.
    • Click here for additional instructions.

2)Submit Your Pre-Requisite Clearance Form 

Use the Form below to submit the all required documents. Submission of Transcripts alone is not sufficient. 

Submission of a Pre-Requisite Clearance form is required , this alerts SBCC offices of your request. 

 Submit the Prerequisite Clearance Form Here

Next Steps Once you Submit your Request:

  • Students are not permitted to enroll in courses that require prerequisites or corequisites until their request is approved.
  • You must also have all necessary Dual Enrollment Forms completed in order to enroll
  • An approved prerequisite clearance request does not guarantee space in any course.
  • An add code from an instructor does not override a prerequisite clearance request.