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SBCC Luria Library Free Resources for Fun and De-Stress

This guide provides recommended links for free resources to help you work, study, and play from home.

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SBCC Luria Library Guide Related to Programs at the Well

This guide recommends library books related to programs at The Well, SBCC's Wellness Center.

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Student Health and Wellness Services: the ANCHOR Program

The Anchor Program offers free assessment, early intervention, confidential counseling, recovery support, referrals, education, and more to the SBCC community. We are committed to supporting all students make safe and informed, and purposeful choices around substance use that promote and encourage a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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Student Health and Wellness Services: Ask a Nurse

Medical questions are answered by e-mail during normal Health Services operating hours. Answers to questions submitted during the weekend may take up to 72 hours. In case of emergency, you should seek immediate medical attention. The Student Health Services nurse may suggest an alternate source for your answer depending on the nature of the question.

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Student Health and Wellness Services: Medical Services

A variety of free and/or low cost medical services are available to you on campus at Student Health & Wellness Services. • Nurse & Clinician Visits • Low cost Prescription Medications (inc. Antibiotics) & Testing (i.e. Strep & Mono) • Over-the-counter medications (i.e. Tylenol & Cold Meds) • Basic First Aid • Referrals to community medical care • Flu Shots • Low Cost TB Tests • Crutch loans

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Student Health and Wellness Services: Personal Counseling

SBCC Student Health & Wellness offers free and confidential individual short-term counseling services. Students must be currently enrolled in a credit class and have paid the student health fee to be eligible for services. The first session is considered an initial intake session where students can explore their concerns with a professional, develop a treatment plan, and determine whether our services fit your needs. Counselors offer short term counseling to students who want to work through specific concerns. They also support students who may be in distress, or going through a crisis. Crisis appointments are offered daily during business hours. We also provide referrals, if at any point, it is determined with careful clinical assessment that other services are more suitable from off campus providers.

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Student Health and Wellness Services: Sexual Health Clinic with SB Neighborhood Clinics

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics is on campus and provides sexual health services for low to no cost to enrolled SBCC students. • STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) testing and treatment • Birth Control • Pregnancy Testing • Free Condoms • Emergency Contraception ("Plan B") for patients over 18 yrs (available any day our clinic is open) • Information counseling and referrals.

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The Well: Resource Connection Program

The WELL's Resource Connection Drop-In Hours connects students to the support services and resources that best fit their indivdual needs. Personal counselors from the Student Heatlh & Wellness Services Team provide referals to support services and resources off campus.

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The Well: Wellness Center for Mind and Body Health

The WELL offers workshops, group counseling, and events focused on mind and body health and wellness. Our mission is to ensure the diverse SBCC student community feels heard, respected, and encouraged to gain the vital knowledge, tools, and support to move toward optimal lifelong health and wellness.

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